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Men's Skin Health

May 17, 2024 3 min read

Men's Skin Health

Men’s skin can look 15 years younger than women’s

Skin is skin – doesn’t matter if it belongs to a man or a woman, right?  Wrong!  There are several key differences between men’s skin and women’s skin.  For a start, male skin is around 25% thicker. That’s due to testosterone, which boys start producing as early as 10 years of age. Also, a man’s skin texture is tougher.

Men have a higher density of collagen in their skin than women. Collagen is one of the building blocks of skin and collagen content is directly related to the signs of skin aging.  If you take a man and a woman of the same age, the skin of the man – particularly if he looks after it – will look around 15 years younger than the woman’s.

The production of sebum (oil) also differs according to gender.  After puberty, guys  produce more sebum than girls, which is why their acne tends to last longer. Finally, shaving does give men an added advantage, since it exfoliates the skin – although it can also irritate and lead to ingrown hairs or bumps if you're not careful.


Skincare is just as important to the guys as to the girls

It wasn’t so many years ago that it was difficult to find skincare products for men on the shelves of your local pharmacy.  Irish men have tended to keep their skincare simple and to a minimum.  However, in recent years taking care of your skin has become just as important to men as it has always been to women.

If you ask most men to identify their skin type, they might have a bit of trouble – but that is where good skincare starts. Sensitive skin may sting or burn after you use a particular product.  Dry skin can feel tight after washing and tends to be flaky, itchy or rough. Oily skin is shiny and greasy.  Normal clear is not sensitive and looks fine and clear.

Elave Sensitive and Elave Men products are made in Ireland and have been dermatologically approved as ideal for nourishing and protecting dry and sensitive skin, as well as conditions like eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. They are free from harsh ingredients like sulfate, parabens, MIs, alcohol, dyes and scent that can cause irritation, rashes, redness and other damage to the delicate dermal barrier. 

Elave Sensitive Shave Kit contains three products that are designed to hydrate and protect after shaving. Elave Men's Shave Balm is easily absorbed, with soothing aloe vera and cooling menthol to reduce skin irritation and redness. Antioxidant vitamin E and natural glycerin repair, moisturise and recondition sensitive skin.

Elave Sensitive Shave Gel is formulated to allow a close smooth shave without risking irritation and redness. Antioxidant vitamin E and natural glycerin protect and recondition, while the gentle, sulfate-free formula helps prevent razor drag and burn. The set comes with a free synthetic (vegan) shaving brush. 

Elave Shave Brush is vegan, cruelty free and allergy-friendly alternative to animal hair bristles.


How to keep your skin in tip-top condition

Maintain a daily skincare regime to keep your skin in tip-top condition. Wash your face daily, and after exercise, with a mild facial cleanser and lukewarm – not hot – water. Regular bar soap often contains harsh ingredients that will dry and irritate your skin, so choose a gentle cleansing wash or gel.

It's a good idea to change your razor blade every 3-4 uses if you shave often, or whenever your razor starts pulling, nicking or rusting. This will help ensure your razor stays sharp for a closer, more accurate shave and help avoid lumps and bumps. To prolong the life of your razor, dry it off after you shave and avoid storing it in a wet shower.

UV rays will soon whittle away that 15-year youthful skin advantage if you do not avoid photoaging, so after shaving and moisturising, use a sunscreen! Check your skin regularly, particularly if you work or spend a lot of time outdoors, for new spots of moles that itch, bleed, or change colour as these can be the early warning signs of skin cancer.

Elave loves even the most sensitive skin types 

Elave Sensitiveoffers a full range of unisex body wash, shampoo, body lotion, intensive cream, lip balm and eye formulations for dry, sensitive and other skin types. Check out our website to see what’s available.

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