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Elave Baby Skincare

May 30, 2024 3 min read

Elave Baby Skincare

The Elave Skincare guide to treating baby’s skin right … right from the start

The First Four Weeks

Elave Baby products are dermatologically and paediatrician approved as safe to use from the day of birth. Having said that, plain water is just fine for the first month of life. Apart from the diaper area, you do not have to bathe your baby every day - a quick dip and gently swirling lukewarm water over him or her two or three times a week is sufficient. If your baby’s hands and feet are dry, apply Elave Baby Intensive cream twice a day. 

1-6 Months – watch out for those tell-tale signs!

Up to one in five children across the US develop eczema. Experts believe this dry, itchy skin condition on the outer layers of the dermis is caused by toxins in our environment. It usually surfaces within 1-6 months of birth and can persist into adulthood for one in ten people. 

Infantile eczema – or atopic dermatitis, as it is sometime called – can run in families, so if mom or dad has allergic tendencies, baby might have them too. Symptoms can be mild and barely noticeable, or very itchy and intense. They include dryness, flaking, redness, tenderness, crustiness and cracking or oozing. 

If you have concerns, consult your paediatrician in the first instance. Then you will need to turn detective to try and identify what is causing your child’s flare-ups, so you can avoid or minimize exposure to them. Common triggers include dairy, pollen, dust or house mites, scratchy fabrics, temperature fluctuations, detergents, fragrances, soap and dyes.

Establishing a good skincare routine

The skin barrier is not fully developed until the age of two, so it is essential to use only the purest, gentlest products on baby’s skin as he or she gets older. As the body’s largest organ, we need to protect and nourish skin so that it, in turn, can protect us from dehydration, toxins, allergens and infections.

Any cream, lotion or wash that touches your baby’s skin could trigger a flare-up, so the most important thing is to ensure you use products which do not contain soap, fragrances or dyes. And, remember, there is no point using a ‘free-from’ baby shampoo if you then use a baby lotion full of additives. The regime must be ‘top to toe’.

Elave Baby andElave Junior product ranges do not contain any of these harsh and unnecessary ingredients, as well as omitting nasty irritants like formaldehyde, parabens, sulfates and MI and more. 

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize … 

Keeping baby’s skin well moisturized is key to managing dry and sensitive skin conditions, and in some cases, avoiding skin sensitivities. Eczema is a chronic skin condition which means it has no cure, so the objective with baby eczema is to get it under control and reduce flare-up by protecting baby’s skin every day. 

Dress baby in loose layers of soft, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, silk or hemp. Avoid wool, which can be scratchy, or synthetic fabrics that do not let the skin breath or absorb sweat like natural fibres.  And remember to use only eczema-friendly laundry liquids, non- biological laundry products only and avoid all fabric conditioners - or you could unravel all your good work and start the itch, scratch, itch cycle all over again. 

Elave Baby Skincare Essentialsis a trio of formulations designed to nourish and protect sensitive baby skin, paediatrician-approved for use from newborn.Elave Sensitive Baby Bath [Ecocert Organic]is enriched with organic camomile and organic aloe vera.Elave Sensitive Baby Intensive Cream is a rich moisturizing cream with camomile extract.Elave Sensitive Baby Shampoo is a sulfate-free shampoo with gentle conditioners. 

Elave Junior Skincare Essentials contains three formulations designed to be used together daily to protect, repair and hydrate sensitive young skin.Elave Sensitive Junior Body Wash is a sulfate-free wash with camomile extract and vitamin E.Elave Sensitive Junior Shampoo is also sulfate-free and combines conditioning polymers with natural glycerin to cleanse while providing lasting scalp comfort.Elave Sensitive Junior Intensive Cream is a rich emollient cream with camomile.

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