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Elave Shave Essentials

Elave Shave Essentials are designed to be used together for best results on sensitive skin to prevent irritation and redness, leaving the skin protected, hydrated and deeply moisturised after shaving.

The Elave Shave Essentials pack contains:

Elave Shave Gel No.003 3.4fl oz / 100ml, formulated for a close, smooth shave without irritation and redness. Anti-oxidant Vitamin E and natural Glycerin protect and recondition skin while shaving. The sulfate-free shaving formula is gentle on sensitive skin and helps prevent razor drag and burn.

Elave Shave Balm No.004 3.4fl oz / 100ml, perfect for all skin types and easily absorbed with soothing Aloe Vera and cooling Menthol which reduce skin irritation and redness. Anti-oxidant Vitamin E & natural Glycerin repair, hydrate and recondition sensitive skin..

Elave Shave Brush, a synthetic, vegan friendly, cruelty free and allergy-friendly alternative to animal hair bristles brushes.


  • Suitable for use on eczema/dermatitis prone skin
  • With calming Aloe Vera and cooling Menthol to soothe and re-condition dehydrated, sensitive skin
  • Contains reconditioning Vitamin E
  • Non-irritating formulas contain added moisturisers to leave the skin feeling soft
  • Beneficial for all skin types even sensitive skin
  • Dermatologically approved & safety tested anti-irritation formula
  • Suitable for use during pregnancy
  • Certified cruelty free & vegan

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